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Net Launcher

Example Target Species 

Wild Dogs

The Trapping Innovations' NET LAUNCHER

This net launcher was designed with safety and success in mind. Designers at Trapping innovations have teamed up with expert engineers and manufacturers to offer you the SAFEST and FASTEST net launcher on the market.

Here's a few of the innovative features found on our Net Launcher:

Padded Projectiles
Lightweight and Corrosion Resistant Design
  Camouflage Covering
Quiet Detonation
1 Mile Remote Detonation Range
Waterproof Cover
Built-in Level


Photos courtesy Dan Varland/Coastal Raptors

Net Launcher Specification Sheet

Net Size:  20' x 20'

Mesh Size:  4” (8.9cm) square (other sizes available upon request)

Trap Dimensions:  24” x 18” x 10”

            W/ Cover:  24” x 18” x 16”

Complete Trap Weight (w/ cover):  ca. 45 lbs.

Projectiles:  Three (3) Foam Padded Projectiles

         with three (3) gore-tex®, camouflaged covers

Accelerant: Three (3) .22 caliber blanks

Net Firing Distance (distance between launcher and bait): Factory settings at 15 ft (5 m)

Unit Box:  Completely covered box construction (except front where net deploys from)

from high-impact resistant plastic.  Two (2) storage compartments inside box to house electronics, shells, cleaning devices, etc.

Remote Range:  Up to one mile line-of-sight. Typical range of ½ - ¾ miles on level ground

with normal vegetation cover.

Remote Frequency:  75.890 kHz (others available upon request). International shipments

may be subject to specific country regulations on public frequencies.

Power Requirements:  Four (4) AA batteries for launcher and eight (8) for remote.Typically battery life of 48 hours in launcher unit.

           One year life in remote.  Suggested use of rechargeable batteries for the launcher unit.

Trap Cover: Built to cover the firing mechanism. Ridged, high-impact plastic design.

Folds and attaches to the front of the launcher box during storage and transport. Keeps net in unit box during transport.

Camouflage:  Advantage Max-4 camouflage on unit box and cover.  Snow camo available for the cover.

Safety: Built-in safety cable for detonator system


-          Built-in level for correct firing height in field settings

-          Cleaning supplies provided

-          200 shells provided

-          Extra battery pack provided

LIST PRICE: $2,995

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